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main button middle button secondary button
(left) (middle) (right)
Open Jmol menu Ctrl + click
or click on 'Jmol' logo
Rotate around X,Y drag
Move along X,Y (= translate) Shift + double-click and drag double-click and drag Ctrl + drag
works both when clicking on the molecule or away from it
Reset and centre Shift + double-click* double-click*
*only works if double-click is done away from the molecule
Rotate around Z Shift + drag horizontally drag horizontally Shift + drag horizontally
(possibly fails in Mac's)
Zoom in / out Shift + drag vertically drag vertically
or use mouse wheel
Implemented only on Jmol 10.00.22 prerelease and later:
Only work after a slab on command has been issued
Slab (slab from front) Ctrl+Shift + drag (vertically) *
Depth (slab from back) Ctrl+Shift + double-click and drag (vertically) *
Shift the slab (change slab and depth maintaining constant thickness) Alt+Ctrl+Shift + drag (vertically) *
*if this fails on a Mac, try pressing the mouse button first, then the Ctrl Shift keys, then drag
Slab can be tested in; padding: 0px 13px 0px 0px; background-position: 100% 50%; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat; ">this page
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