Reading: CHP 10 Coordination II
Required Supplemental Reading
Sections from Tarr that are similar to supplemental reading 10.3.2, 10.3.3, 10.4.4, 10.5

Interactive CFT for Oh, Td, SqPlanar


  • No Preassignment

Learning Outcomes:

  1. use crystal field theory to describe the relative d-orbital energies, spin state, and magnetism of transition metal complexes
    1. Oh, Td, SQ Planar, Tetragonal, SQ Pyramid, TBP 
  2. understand the difference between strong and weak-field ligands
  3. calculate LFSE for Oh and Td complexes
  4. predict the geometries of metal complexes based on LFSE

Group Activity - 15CoordII_CFT_2012.pdf

Exercises: From supplemental reading (20.1, 20.1, 20.3, 20.4, 20.5, 20.8, 20.9)

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