Reading: CHP 9 Coordination I: Sect 9.1, 9.2, 9.4 (9.3 is for the next assignment)


  • Complete problems 1-3 of the Group Activity and Bring to class

Learning Outcomes:

  1. be able to define a coordinate covalent bond
  2. be able to define a ligand as monodentate or chelating
  3. be able to describe the coordination environment (types of ligands and geometry), oxidation state of a coordination compound
  4. be able to match a coordination compound to its name
  5. be able to describe the types of isomers possible for a given compound
  6. identify stereochemistry of chelate rings (ppt movie)

Group Activity - 15CoordI_2012.pdf
- Solutions

Problem Set: 9.1-9.9  (solutions)

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