Reading: CHP 6 Acid Base Strength: Sect 6.3 (all), 6.4 (all)


  • Read section 6.4 carefully

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Know definition of proton affinity as a measure of acid-base strength
  2. Know trend in acid-base strength of binary hydrogen compounds
  3. Use inductive effects, oxyanion strength, cation acidity, and steric effects to predict trends in acid-base strength between acids or bases of similar structure
  4. Understand the effect of solvation of the strength of an acid or base

Group Activity - Acid base Strength - POGIL worksheet

Problem Set (4th Ed): 6.27, 6.29, 6.30, 6.31, 6.32, 6.33 (solutions)

Problem Set (5th Ed): 6.34, 6.36, 6.37, 6.38, 6.39, 6.40 (solutions)

Paper 1: Page and Badarau, The Mechanisms of Catalysis by Metallo β-Lactamases, Bioinorganic Chemistry and Applications, 2008

Paper 2: Zastrow and Pecoraro, Designing Hydrolytic Zinc Metalloenzymes, 2014Designing Hydrolytic Zinc Metalloenzymes, 2014

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