Covers Chapters 2-4 ending with problem 4.24

Key for Exam I

In your study Focus on problems and worksheets first.
If you need extra problems for a certain topic let me know.

There will be at least one question that asks you to analyze data or a figure from chapter 2 (Radial plots, inoization trends, fig 2.12 for examples)
There will be one problem from chapter 3 that asks you to write a Lewis structure and VSEPR shape and discuss trends in molecular properties.
There will be at least one assignment of an object into a point group.
There will be one creation of a reducible and also reducing it to irreducble reps.
There will be some questions abou character tables.

FYI> In about two weeks we will have an short exam on using symmtery to analyze virbrational structure and MOS.

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